A Q&A with Cheeseburger Baby in Miami

By the RestaurantHER Staff
Published on Feb 16, 2018

If you’re looking for a cheeseburger in Miami, this is where you’re going to want to go. We tapped owner and chef Stephanie Vitori to get a behind the scenes look at Cheeseburger Baby — everything from how to craft the perfect burger, to how she came to own the joint. Read on to learn more about this amazing restaurant (which lucky for you, Miami, you can get delivered!)

Q & A

How did you come to own Cheeseburger baby? Tell us the whole story.

I started as a delivery driver in 2001 and in 2004 I bought [Cheeseburger Baby]. Since then I’ve survived hurricanes, recessions and big corporate franchises going in across the street from me. In 2013 I bought my first [food] truck, in 2015 I got my second store and now in 2017 I got my second [food] truck.”

What makes the Cheeseburger Baby burger different (and better) than every other burger in Miami?

“We have an open kitchen, so we cook everything right in front of you. Our patties are hand pattied, our vegetables are chopped fresh and our bread is from a local bakery, delivered every morning. We’ve also had a lot of celebrities come in as well. We’re nationally and internationally known — and [that’s] because of [our quality].”

So how can we expect our burgers to arrive when delivered?

“Our burgers and sandwiches are wrapped in foil, and our fries are [delivered] in a container.” (Pro-tip: wrapping burgers in foil is perfect for delivery. It keeps everything together and warm and toasty, so it arrives to your door in perfect condition.)

What’s your number one burger faux pas?

“I mean there’s not just one — I hate when people either do a quail egg or foam. That's not a burger. A burger is the meat, cheese, bun, pickles and onions. Even condiments; I think if your burger is good enough you don’t need condiments. I’m a firm believer of that in our burger. I eat my bacon cheddar burger all the time and I don't need condiments, because if it’s seasoned properly, it’s good without anything. Burning question: does the lettuce go on the top or bottom bun? We put our cold toppings on the top bun and our hot toppings on the bottom bun. [With] anything hot, when you put [the burger] together, the lettuce will get wilted. So that’s why we put it on the top bun.”

You’re on a desert island — and you have to choose either a hamburger or cheeseburger for the rest of your life — which do you choose?


For all of the breakfast fans out there, what are your thoughts on a cheeseburger breakfast?

“Our most famous burger is called the Baby’s Fave and it has bacon and egg on it, so it’s like breakfast with a burger. I started that a while back because we’re open until 5-6am in the morning and people want some type of breakfast. We have our bacon, egg and cheese fries, or steak, egg and cheese fries [too].”

A little birdie told us Cheeseburger Baby has some famous clientele… who might you run into when picking up your order?

“We have so many! We’ve had Jay-Z, Beyonce, David Beckham, Dwyane Wade, Lil Jon, T.I., Kanye West, Noriega... they’re in there all the time! It just depends on if they’re in town. Some celebrities live here and are in here more often. We even did Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union’s wedding — we were their late night snack.”

When you’re not eating burgers, you’re eating…?

“All things meat. I love meat! My wife always makes me a really good charcuterie board, and I’m Italian so I grew up with steaks, meats and sausages. If I’m not eating burgers, I’m eating steak.”

Is there a secret menu at Cheeseburger Baby? (C’mon, let us in on the secret)

“The thing is that people doesn’t realize that we will make whatever you want as long as we have the items on our menu. We make quesadillas! We used to have it on the menu but I took it off. The old schoolers know that we have quesadillas because we have wraps so we are able to make them. We make a breakfast pizza [too]! Creative minds, you know? If you get me behind the line, I’ll make it. This is how our steak egg and cheese fries came up, because why can’t we do that, they’re amazing!”

What’s your go-to food, and something you plan to “try new” this year?

Go-to: The Baby’s Fave Try New: Pop-up locations and more trucks